Lincoln Answers Our Nation’s Call for Help

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Choosing America's Destiny ~
Lincoln Answers
Our Nation’s Call for Help

Part III in the Series ~ Living Our Destiny

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The spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the great wayshower, responds to our nation's collective pain. 

Have you ever asked yourself if you have a part to play in your country’s destiny? It is an essential question we must each contemplate.

Each of us is a part of a country; as such, do we not each bear part of the culpability for our country's failures as well the responsibility of its restoration and upliftment?

Choosing Our Nation's Destiny

This unique time in our planet’s extraordinary evolution brings with it an equally extraordinary energy – a high-vibration, fifth-dimensional Light that is pouring into Planet Earth to support any effort we make toward our personal and collective healing. 

Whether we align with the chaos and dis-ease that defines this time, or with the high-vibrational energy of healing we are being offered from the higher realms, we are making a choice regarding our nation's destiny.

This teaching specifically addresses the destiny of the United States – my own country. When I speak of the U.S. as "our country" or "our nation," I am inviting my fellow Americans to consider their relationship to the destiny of the United States and their role within it.

However, if you belong to a different country, I encourage you to ask the same questions I raise here about your own country and your relationship to it, as well as to consider the unique solution provided by the "guest speaker" of this blog, Abraham Lincoln. His uncanny remedy for our unstable times is most definitely applicable to the wider globe.

Medicine Poetry

One means of healing I have found deeply supportive is the creative medium that Stephen Levine, the American poet, author, and teacher best known for his work on death and dying, has termedmedicine poetry,” based on the work of poetry therapist John Fox.

Writing medicine poetry requires that we abandon all thoughts and merge with feelings, not knowing in advance what the poem will say or how it will evolve. The intent of the process of writing a medicine poem is to allow the heart to express its authentic feelings, whether of pain or of glory.

Once the poem is written, the poet breathes in the medicine of calm and peace. Truth has been spoken; truth has been heard. Truth heard without judgment releases pain. Medicine poetry heals us, whether we write it ourselves or read medicine poetry written by another. Strong medicine is speaking the right words for the right reason at the right time and in the right way.

Two Healing Poems

In the May 2014 poem I published on this blog, I expressed the intense pain I felt for our country in a medicine poem. I titled the poem, “She Died in Front of the Lincoln Memorial,” addressing America’s divided nature and its focus on fulfilling personal desires at the expense of the greater good of humanity and the planet.

In this poem, I voiced my feelings and concerns to the image of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial, perhaps the most beloved and vibrantly alive monument in our nation’s capital. At the poem’s conclusion, I released my pain and felt at peace. 

Read the poem
"She Died in Front of the Lincoln Memorial"

In July 2016, I found myself called to write another medicine poem. In the new poem, the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the great wayshower, again makes a central appearance.

In this second poem, Lincoln responds to the pain I expressed in my original poem and to our nation’s collective pain, which, although already significant, had nevertheless increased dramatically in the subsequent two years.

Sadly, today the racial injustice, shootings, and political foment have increased beyond what we could even conceive of in 2016. At the same time, Lincoln’s solution pertains as much today, if not more so, than it did seven years ago. 

Lincoln Provides a Solution for Healing Our Country TODAY

In this new poem, Lincoln identifies the core dilemma our country faces and conveys the SAME message of how our country can heal that he first proposed during The Civil War 160 years ago.

While Lincoln’s solution is challenging, it can be seen as a uniquely healing choice we are being asked to make as citizens of a deeply conflicted country. The responsibility for our collective destiny lies with us; in the exponentially escalating chaos we are now witnessing weekly if not daily, it is critical that we choose such a solution – one that heals, restores, and unifies us.

To recognize, accept, and fulfill our collective destiny as a nation by enacting such a solution is to lead the way to the new reality of unity, freedom, and ascension to the fifth dimensional Aquarian Era of Light. 

What is your choice? Will you heed Lincoln’s clarion call?



Abraham Lincoln's Clarion Call


I sit in my marble chair
Living inward – gazing outward
To all who come to visit me:
I see your magnificent souls
I hear your appreciation
I know your pain


Remembering my time in history
I remain with you in spirit
Witnessing history repeat itself
The greater truth
The Civil War never ended
The cause unhealed
Unity unattained
The true cause
Now crises
Of epidemic proportions
Blanket our country
Few imagined
The manifold events
That now shatter
Our reality


Even so
Consciously forewarned
And prepared or not
No one is exempt from
Life-altering truths
Our country now faces


Entered into the darkness
Of bewildering inner
And outer chaos
Of psyches
How the world functions
Ways we operate within it
We have dimmed
Into a barren blend
Of mist and smoke


Much of what once was
Cannot be reconstructed
Cannot be revised
Yet tucked among
The ashes of the past
Are durable remnants
And cherished seeds
Still vibrating with life


I promise you:
A door of sacred fortune
WILL open before you
We WILL cross a threshold


What our ears once silenced
We will soon hear
The irrepressible
Clarion call of life
A call sounded
At the beginning of time
When we forgot
Who we were
Why we had come
Hearing the clarion blast
We awaken
To our injured world


We disconnected
From the Sacred Source
From one another
Now we know
Our connection
Always remained
That it was
Our awareness of connection
That called to be returned


I invite you
To move into inner silence
Write medicine poetry
Acknowledge your personal pain
Focus on what really matters
Smooth the eagle's feathers
Celebrate the learned lessons
Of equality
Of greater good
Of unity within diversity
God doesn’t care
If we make mistakes
God only cares
If we learn from them


I, Abraham Lincoln,
Remind you
Of an unwavering Truth
I upheld
For our country’s wholeness
Proposed during The Civil War:

We may ACT separated
And divided
But we ARE not
We remain
Destined to answer
A clarion call
Of life and action


Called by our Sacred Source
To attain our True Destiny
Live with unconditional
Love and compassion
A global family
In a world
Of One

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  • Place your awareness in your heart. Write a medicine poem that expresses your truth about healing our country. 
  • Remember, writing medicine poetry requires that we allow the words to flow, abandoning all thoughts and merging with feelings, not knowing in advance what the poem will say or how it will evolve. Allow your heart to express its authentic feelings. When thoughts distract you or words cease, return to the silence of your heart’s awareness. 
  • Once the poem is written, breathe in the medicine of calm and peace.  

"[F]ew successful statesmen have escaped the tendency of power to harden or at least to narrow their human sympathies; but [Lincoln's] natural wealth of tender compassion became richer and more tender, while in the stress of deadly conflict he developed an astounding strength."

           ~ Peter Wehner, quoting Lord Charnwood writing in 1916, "Can     
               We Find Our Way Back to Lincoln?", New York Times, July 17,

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Reference: Stephen LevineBecoming Kuan Yin: the Evolution of Compassion. 
San Francisco: Weiser Books, 2013.

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