The Clarion Way

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The Clarion Way

With the clarion call to life and to action,
we join the increasing number of sincere
individuals, leaders, and groups who are aware
of being in the midst of an intense adaptation
to a new way of being in the world.

At this transformational
time of our planet's history,
soul-inspired service
is urgently needed.

We undoubtedly feel the urgency of this planetary transformation and seek creative ways to participate. We immediately champion values that combine vision and action to manifest cooperation, partnership, and group consciousness. If we fuel this active imagination with excitement and enthusiasm, our passion will energize and inspire others to work together for the greater good of all people and the planet.

Every call has a response. The response to The Clarion Call is The Clarion Way. The Clarion Way is the name given to the teachings of The Soul and Service Trilogy. As a philosophy, a school of thought, and a psychospiritual path, The Clarion Way teachings awaken our inner knowing and guide us in applying that knowing in the world through action. The Soul and Service Trilogy consists of three books. Born to Serve describes the stages of the individual soul as an evolution of the motives for serving and the quality of service. The Awakened Leader looks at the stages and how they relate to leadership. The Clarion Call provides practical tools and guidance for practicing these stages in leadership and group life during a specific time in history – the current planetary transition from the Piscean to Aquarian eras between the years 2008 and 2025.

As a philosophy, a school of thought, and
a psychospiritual path, 
The Clarion Way teachings awaken our inner knowing
and guide us in applying that knowing in
the world through action. 

This template offers the structure and flexibility that enables us as individuals, leaders, or group members to redirect our lives within a philosophical construct of the evolutionary stages of soul development, soul lessons, partnership of feminine and masculine principles, principles of group energy, and spiritual awakenings. What is unique about The Clarion Way is that it shows us HOW to make this happen in response to the vast challenges in today’s world.

Through the internet and media, we are aware of thousands of movements, organizations, groups, and projects that attract people wishing to engage in activities supporting spiritual development, environmental causes, and social justice. Many of us have had experiences with these movements and have seen the benefit of our efforts. Sometimes, however, we experience disappointment and disillusionment, finding that leaders and groups do not know how to practice successful leadership and group life principles that would help them realize their vision. In The Clarion Call, I describe how leaders and groups often do not understand the complexities of group development, energies, soul lessons, and challenges that are part of the Piscean/Aquarian transition. Leaders and groups fail to manifest their vision in three major ways: ignorance about the multifaceted dimensions and applications of Aquarian leadership and group life; neglect of personal inner work and spiritual practices; and failure to put into action — to apply, to live — what they know. Not applying what we know, according to teacher and healer Edgar Cayce, dissipates our energy and undermines our will.

The Clarion Way
invites us to be part of the change that is coming by providing a spiritually centered holographic template
as a guide.

There are many varieties of groups, such as a family, school, race, political party, workplace, sports team, or organization. Even people commuting to work form a kind of group. However, in The Clarion Call, True Groups are described as those groups whose members no longer see themselves as separate from other sentient beings or from nature. By learning the science and art of cooperation, True Groups experience a connection with all existence, from single-cell organisms to the cosmos. Our intuition must be acute if we are to be able to sense and read the group energy, apply the soul lessons, and feel the inner promptings from our Soul and the Group Soul. We need to be in the present moment, work through negative emotions and thoughts, and maintain and sustain a high spiritual frequency.

The time is here to wrap our arms around ourselves and around the world. To do so is to live The Clarion Way. Next, read about "The Clarion Call."

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