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When we commit to showing another way to ourselves and others, we take the first step toward our ultimate destiny as human beings: to evolve as souls by extending the gifts of our learning in service
to others

  The Years 2021-2025 ~ The Dark Gets Darker/The Light Shines Brighter ~ A Three-Part Series

  • Part I: Becoming a Lightbearer 
    The four years between 2021 and 2025 will be a particularly disruptive and dangerous time, as dark energy rises to the surface to be changed into Light.
  • Part II: Awakening of the Heart 
    Despite its distortions, there are durable remnants of the Piscean Era that are vital to the success of Aquarian times.

 Living Our Destiny ~ A Series of Three Teachings
The first defines personal and spiritual destiny, the second explores the destiny of leaders and groups/organizations, and the third addresses the destiny of the United States.

 Discerning the Essential from the Nonessential
Discerning the essential from the nonessential helps us be aware of the impact of our thoughts and decisions, how we develop and sustain a meaningful and loving life, and how we connect and relate to others.

 Supporting Those Working with Ukrainian Children 
Susan Trout and the Institute are partnering with children's therapist Linda Goldman to support those working with children traumatized by the war in Ukraine.

 Calming Fear and Anxiety in Ukraine and in Ourselves 
We sent this practice to the women of Ukraine and invite you to practice it for yourself as well as in service to all in the world who are suffering.

 Three Intentions for Soul-Inspired Living 
Three intentions can show us another way to view the world at this time of planetary crisis and invite us to affect change with heart-centered commitment and in alignment with our Soul.

 Radiating Light to All That Is
As human beings, we each have the capacity to generate and radiate Light. It is our Self-Light that is who we truly are.

 S.O.S. ~ Pray for Planet Earth
How can we handle the uncertainty of our times? We can keep the sacred alive with a commitment to pray for our planet daily.  

 Infusing the World with Light through Prayer
There are important aspects of prayer about which many people are not aware.

 How to Pray for a Group
Praying for a group is similar to praying for an individual in that the prayer extends Light to the group members with purity and integrity, inviting the Light to support and guide the group’s highest possible evolution.

 That Was Then ~ This Is Now
We serve when we willingly share, in some way, the wisdom we have gleaned from our life experiences.

 Adding Light to the World: An Urgent Call
The greatest need in today’s world is that it needs more Light.

 The Strong Must Be Made Stronger
With inner strength, we can choose to participate in and to be blessed by the evolution of a soul-inspired life in the Aquarian Era.

Humanity and our planet need your Light more than ever. Are you ready to participate in the evolutionary leap that is our planet’s destiny?

 Reflections of a Wisdom Gatherer
What does it mean to serve "through God's eyes"?

 Waking Up ~ A Two-Part Teaching

 Ride the Waves of Destiny into the Fifth Dimension: A Clarion Call
An ancient clarion call — will be the trumpet we hear as we leave the third-dimensional Piscean world and enter the fifth dimension of the Aquarian Era.

 WAKE UP! Leading with an Open Heart
In the broadest sense, we are all leaders. Leadership, regardless of its context, provides opportunities for personal growth and for serving others with knowledge, experience, values, loving presence, and wisdom.

 What Really Matters
There is nothing to forgive. Use what you have learned from your life to help others and Planet Earth.

 Life-Sustaining Teachings of Robin Williams
Robin Williams is like a mirror: when we look into it, we see that he is us, you and me, and he is giving us an opportunity to choose a different path.  In this mirror, we recognize ourselves.

 The Easy Wisdom of Little Kuan Yin
We are always in partnership with that which we serve and are served by, whether people, animals, nature, or task.

 She Died in Front of the Lincoln Memorial
Medicine poetry is intuitive and comes from the heart, not the head.

 Flying on the Inside
Like Stickeen, each of us can fly on the inside by finding the inner strength and commitment to walk across the many ice-sliver ledges in our lives.

The clarity of the expression of Divine will through our personal will is dependent upon our willingness to develop and strengthen our will through inner work.

 Let the Elephant Pass By
To live a life completely and well – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – it is essential to learn how to “let the elephant pass by.”

 The Poison Leaves
When we choose to learn from our experiences, we attain a pure heart and a quiet mind.

 Living Life Completely and Well
Numinous dreams connect us with sacred knowledge.

 The Clarion Way
At this transformational time of our planet's history, soul-inspired service is urgently needed.

 The Clarion Call
A clarion call is a call to life and a call to action.

 Soul Lessons of Groups
When groups decide to engage wholeheartedly in the evolutionary process, they enroll in the unique curriculum of the soul classroom of group life.

 Soul Lessons of a Leader
By deepening their inner lives, awakened, soul-inspired leaders view their leadership as a classroom of the soul. 

 "If We Build It..." New Models of Group Consciousness  
When a group of any size agrees to be guided by its connection with one another and all others, its members cease considering themselves as individuals separate from humanity.

 Holographic Organizations: An Introduction
Within the holographic model, what is true for the individual member is reflected in the organization. Each presents the whole picture from a different point of view.  

 Taking the Hand of Tomorrow
The natural law of synchronicity exists because we are all connected in a meaningful way, to one another and to both the animate and inanimate world.

 We Have Just Forgotten...
Not until we remember how to awaken to the cause of our forgetting and then address it will we remember our True Self.

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