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The ten principles that comprise the Universal Tributes are a psychological-spiritual tool that shows us how to shift our thoughts, actions, and words in order to look within rather than without for wholeness. In this way, the Tributes provide a roadmap for becoming self-responsible, and for attaining self-transformation through service.

The Ten Universal Tributes and their Tenets provide a universal and cohesive philosophical framework focusing on ten essential aspects of our life journey: will, purpose, service, inner work, choice, giving and receiving, extension, double vision, attitude, and spiritual invitation. The Tributes are intended to serve as a gentle entry into witnessing and working consciously with your inner state while relating to those in your personal, family, and work life.

The word “tribute” describes the intentionality and quality of one person’s relationship with another person. Being in the presence of another human being and having an opportunity to serve them is a tribute, a gift. In giving a tribute, one holds all one gives, says, or does in a spirit of gratitude, respect, and honor. The framework of the Ten Universal Tributes is a way to learn how to unify personal healing and service. The Tributes can be practiced in any order.

The Ten Universal Tributes and their Tenets were received as inspired teachings by Susan Trout in 1990 and are an inherent aspect of the foundational teachings of The Soul and Service Trilogy.

Explore the Universal Tributes and Their Tenets


1. Will

2. Purpose

3. Service

4. Inner Work

5. Choice

6. Extension

7. Giving/Receiving

8. Double Vision

9. Attitude

10. Spiritual Invitation

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