bee souldevelopmentMany of Susan Trout's articles have appeared in publications or on websites of other organizations. Some of these are listed below. Books authored by Susan can be found HERE.

To read more articles by Susan, visit her blog HERE.

hologram25-dark.png "Being of Service." Love and Forgiveness: Spirituality, Relationships, Health Magazine 1:2 (March/April 1997): 55-61.  Reprinted from To See Differently: Personal Growth and Being of Service Through Attitudinal Healing (Alexandria VA: Three Roses Press, 1990).

hologram25-dark.png "Group Life as a Classroom of the Soul: An Aquarian Curriculum." World Service Intergroup Members Newsletter. 1 (2009): 4, 11-12. Republished on this website as "Soul Lessons of Groups."

hologram25-dark.png "Healing the Unhealed Healer: The Development of Attitudinal Studies." Miracles Magazine 4 (January, 1993): 19-29.

hologram25-dark.png "Holistic Approach to Children with Learning disabilities: A Home-Study Research Project." The A.R.E. Journal. Volume XV - Special Child Development Issue Single Issue Magazine (September 1980): 207-224.

hologram25-dark.png "If We Build It...," Kosmos Journal, Fall/Winter 2007 issue.

hologram25-dark.png "Leadership as Destiny."  Unity Magazine (May/June 2006).  Excerpted from The Awakened Leader: Leadership as a Classroom of the Soul, (Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press: 2005).

hologram25-dark.png "My Healing Principles."  Venture Inward: The Magazine of the A.R.E./The Edgar Cayce Foundation/Atlantic University (September/October 1990): 14.

hologram25-dark.png "Service as the Masterpiece of the Soul." Unity Magazine, January/February 2003.

hologram25-dark.png "The Tao of Receiving."  Unity Magazine, March/April 2004 issue.

hologram25-dark.png "To Show Another Way: How to Learn, Heal, and Serve at a Time of Crisis on Planet Earth." Energy Transformations Newsletter, published by Dawn Fleming, June 3, 2020.

hologram25-dark.png "We Are Born to Serve." Venture Inward: The Magazine of the A.R.E./The Edgar Cayce Foundation/Atlantic University (January/February 2002): 28-30.  Adapted from Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul Through Service (Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press, 1997).

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