Am I in My Right Place?

The practice of finding and recognizing our right place is a spiritual matter of the heart.

Practice this inner work exercise to explore

whether you are in your right place:

Stand up and repeat the following set of two phrases as opposite feelings as to what your right place might be. Use any verb that is appropriate.

For example, one might say with the right hand extended, “On the one hand, my right place is spending lots of time with my grandchildren.”  Then, with the left hand extended, “On the other hand, I want to travel and focus on creating art projects in my art studio that I’ve put off for years.”

Our right place is where
our life purpose
and mission
can manifest.

Switch back and forth several times, expressing different feelings until you sense what or where your right place might be.

1) Extend one hand to your right side and say: “On the one hand, my right place (is) __________.”

2) Extend the other hand to your left side and say: “On the other hand, my right place (is) __________.”

View your experience of this exercise from a perspective of the bigger picture of your life.  Journal any insights you now have about your right place.

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