The Inner Leader

The spiritual principle and guiding light toward which the human soul is consciously or unconsciously evolving

The Inner Leader, an extension of Divine Source, is also called the Soul, Higher Self, Transpersonal Self, and Solar Angel. The essence of our Divine Spark or human soul urges us to evolve, to step upon a spiritual path to become our Soul (with a capital “S”), which is also called the Inner Leader.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Regardless of our role in life, we can connect with our Inner Leader.  However, the description below of the Inner Leader has been oriented specifically to those who are in a leadership role.

The Inner Leader . . .

  • Offers Itself as the most intimate guide on a path of perfection, serving as the spiritual principle and the guiding light toward which the human soul is consciously or unconsciously evolving.
  • Guides leaders in their soul development and supports them in being self-responsible. It helps them become a Soul-infused personality, living Soul qualities and manifesting Divine essence in the world through the virtues of love, patience, joy, tolerance, peace, compassion, wisdom, understanding, appreciation, and humility.  Experiencing a leadership crisis is often the event that sets leaders upon a spiritual path connecting with their Soul.
  • Is the true voice of inner authority and communicates through all activities and situations in daily life.  It expresses through the personality, inspires creativity, and enables leaders to translate their strength into action in the world.  For leaders to receive their Inner Leader’s protection, teachings, and reassurance, willingness and self-effort are required.
Experiencing a leadership crisis is often the event
that sets leaders upon a spiritual path connecting with their Soul.
  • Is a benevolent ally, rising out of the silence within to give leaders the fuel to follow their unique duty and function.  It helps leaders see their true purpose in the world, to discover their work and their service.
  • Seeks contact with the human soul, initially through sudden thought impressions and dreams and later through words, symbolic visions, fragrances, and physical touch. It can also contact us through what someone may say, through symbols, and through synchronistic events, such as being given a book, being led to a certain workshop, or meeting a teacher.
  • Uses the conscience to direct leaders toward what is right and just, alerting them not to go in a certain direction.  Leaders may choose to go in the original direction regardless of the Inner Leader's prompting and later realize their mistake.  The Inner Leader may then say, “Now that you went that way, let’s see if your choice/actions can bring you good fruit.”  The Inner Leader returns power to us in this way.
  • Reframes the ego’s voice and guides leaders to learn from mistakes. The ego likes to masquerade as the Soul.  The Soul will not be judgmental or critical but will promote unity versus separation, offer guidance and not impose, uplift our spirits, and expand our consciousness. Wise leaders are those who acknowledge their errors rather than hide them, and who gain strength from meeting adversity, whatever its origin.

Strengthening Contact with the Inner Leader (Soul)

Our Inner Leader, our Soul, seeks contact with us, yet we always have the choice as to whether or not we reach up to touch our Soul.  This is a two-way street. Willingness, self-responsibility, and self-effort are required to strengthen the connection so that we can develop a partnership with the Soul and receive protection, guidance, and teachings. Ways to strengthen this connection are by:

We strengthen contact with our Inner Leader when we open our heart and listen to its wisdom.
  • Prayer and contemplation
  • Meditation, study, inner work, and selfless service
  • Developing the Witness Self
  • Opening the heart and listening to its wisdom
  • Living a life of purity in words, thoughts, feelings, actions, and harmlessness
  • Reviewing each evening how we did during the day and choosing to make corrections

Learning to discern between the voice of the Inner Leader and the voice of ego is critical to our soul development.  The ego speaks against the soul’s identity with the Divine in an effort to distract us from expressing our True Selves.  When the ego directs leadership, we, as leaders, can make choices that cause harm.  We can be certain we are hearing the voice of our Inner Leader if, over time, we feel increasingly peaceful regardless of our life circumstances, if others give us feedback that we look more peaceful, and if we increasingly see a world of unity instead of duality.  We allow the wisdom of our Inner Leader to lead us.  If we are present and aware, we can pause and choose the voice to which we grant leadership.

The drawing above depicts the Inner Leader as a star within the auric field about eight inches above the head.  The auric field is comprised of three vibrational bodies – physical-etheric, emotional, and mental – that combine with the physical body to comprise the personality, the vehicle that enables us to interact with our world.  The sutratma (a cord of light) provides the energetic link between the human soul in the heart and the Soul.  The sutratma descends from the Inner Leader/Soul and separates into two threads – the consciousness thread and the life thread.  The consciousness thread goes to the brain and the life thread goes to the heart.  This Soul to soul connection is also referred to as Self to self and Will to will.


Purpose: To align with the Inner Leader, the spiritual principle and the guiding light toward which the human soul is consciously or unconsciously evolving.   The Inner Leader’s function is to protect, guide, teach, and inspire.  

When to Align: Aligning with your Inner Leader can be done at any time.  Doing so is especially helpful at the beginning of the day or before any activity during the day in which you wish to have support and guidance.

Directions: The human soul (lower case “s”) is located in the heart.  Therefore, the words “heart” and “human soul” below are used interchangeably.  Each individual’s Inner Leader, referred to here as the Soul (capital “S”), is located about eight inches above the head.  Sit in a comfortable position when doing the alignment and in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.  Pause at least 10 seconds between each step.

The Inner Leader's function is to protect, guide, teach,
and inspire.
  1. Take a deep breath to calm your physical body (pause).
  2. Take a deep breath to calm your emotional body (pause).
  3. Take a deep breath to calm your mental body (pause).
  4. Focus your awareness in your heart.
  5. Visualize a line of energy extending from your heart down to the heart of Mother of the Earth.
  6. Visualize a line of energy from your heart to your Soul located above your head.
  7. Visualize the energy extending from your Soul to Divine Source.
  8. Sit in silence and meditate as you hold this alignment from the heart of Mother of the Earth to Divine Source.  See the energy of Source moving down the alignment to the heart of Mother of the Earth and then back again to Source, creating a circuit of energy carrying Divine Will to all levels of manifestation.  (You may either sit in silence for a few moments or meditate for 15-20 minutes.)
  9. Chant 3 OMs.

Reference: © Susan S. Trout.  The Clarion Call: Leadership and Group Life in the Aquarian Era. Alexandria, VA: Three Roses Press, 2009.

Disclaimer: The Institute for the Advancement of Service does not provide medical or mental health care. As such, practices, courses, and study programs are not intended to be psychotherapy, medical therapy, or a substitute for either one.  Participants are required to assume self-responsibility for their wellbeing by seeking, when appropriate, psychological and medical professional care.

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