We are currently in the process of transitioning
how we present our courses.

We are not accepting new enrollments
during this period of transition.

Please check back periodically or sign up for our e-newsletter HERE to learn when enrollment
will begin again.

The following courses will be offered
once our transition is complete:

The Universal Tributes

Ten distinct lessons which can be taken independently of one another.  Based on the Universal Tributes in Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul through Service, this course will support you as you learn to monitor your inner state and choose outer actions that serve the wellbeing of yourself and others.

Universal Tributes Lessons include:

  • Will ~ Awakening to Happiness
  • Purpose ~ Discovering My Life's True Meaning
  • Service ~ Be an Agent for Change in Humanity
  • Inner Work ~ Accessing Compassion
  • Choice ~ Self-Responsibility in Action
  • Extension ~ Forgiveness: The Gift of Lilies
  • Giving and Receiving ~ Bringing Comfort to Myself and Others
  • Double Vision ~ Seeing the Forest and the Trees
  • Attitude ~ Seeing Life Differently
  • Spiritual Invitation ~ Remembering I Am Not Alone

Entering the 5th Dimension: A Clarion Call for a New World

This course provides a context for understanding ten shifts that are currently occurring as old structures and belief systems collapse and new ones emerge.

Are you being called to work harmoniously with and
in groups towards a
shared purpose?

Bringing Civility to the Workplace

This course was designed to support you in developing and applying practical communication skills that enhance civility in the leader-group relationship.

Civility and Healing the Gossip Habit 

A course designed to support you in exploring the value of communicating with strength, skill, and kindness.

Born to Serve

Based on Born to Serve: The Evolution of the Soul through Service, this course is designed to support you in experiencing service as an expression of the soul’s evolution. In this course, you will integrate knowledge and experience concerning the soul-service connection by strengthening the awareness of the relationship between your motives for serving and the quality of your service.

Are you being called to lead consciously from a state of inner balance?

The Awakened Leader

Based on The Awakened Leader: Leadership as a Classroom of the Soul, this course is designed to support you in experiencing Stage Five leadership as a classroom for the soul’s evolution.

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