Practical Applications and Tools for Inner Work

The Institute offers a number of practices and applications that provide the opportunity to turn inward and begin the journey of actualizing the soul’s destiny.

All of our coursesteachings, and books include practical applications in inner work or shadow work. Some examples of these tools are:

  • heart and will practices
When we genuinely do our inner work, denied parts of ourselves reveal themselves for purposes of integration
and purification.
  • meditation
  • centering and witnessing
  • energy work
  • medicine poetry
  • other self-care applications

These practices are an integral part of our philosophy, which is based on these two principles of personal development:

hologram25-dark.png The participation in one’s own healing process (self-transformation) 


hologram25-dark.png The willingness to extend unconditionally that healing to others (service)

Inner work is a moment-
to-moment, day-after-day,
year-after-year, lifelong commitment and process. 


A prerequisite to inner work is centering the body.  Centering practices expand our psychological space and enable us to connect with our inner strength. A sense of psychological spaciousness and stability can be experienced when we bring our attention to the center of the body.

Try this centering practice:


      • The Universal Tributes
        The ten Tributes and their Tenets provide a psychological-spiritual tool that shows us how to shift our thoughts, actions, and words in order to look within rather than without for wholeness.
      • Am I in My Right Place?
        The practice of finding and recognizing our right place is a spiritual matter of the heart.
      • Radiating Light to All That Is
        Learn about your Self-Light and a simple prayer that radiates Light to others with purity and integrity. 
      • That Was Then ~ This Is Now
        A life experience inventory can help us identify our unique gifts of service. Through it, we can focus on using what we have learned from our lives to genuinely help others.
      • Lincoln Answers Our Nation's Call for Help (Medicine Poetry)
        Writing "medicine poetry" requires that we abandon all thoughts and merge with feelings. The poem's intent is to allow the heart to express its authentic feelings, whether of pain or of glory.


      Inner work applications apply to all aspects of our life, including our service, our leadership, and our work with groups.
      • Inner Leader Alignment
        Align with the Inner Leader, the guiding light toward which the human soul is consciously or unconsciously evolving.

      • Group Soul Alignment
        Align with and receive guidance from the soul of your group or organization, which protects, guides, teaches, and inspires group members.
      • Group Communication Guidelines
        Group Communication Guidelines not only keep groups on purpose, they also create a sense of safety and trust within the group.
      • The Michelangelo Metaphor ~ Leadership as Service
        Explore the nature of the leader-group partnership through the metaphor of the master sculptor (the leader) and the marble (the group): together they reveal each's perfected potential.
      • How to Pray for a Group
        This Buddhist prayer invites Divine Light to support and guide the group's highest possible evolution at this time in the group's existence.
      • Exploring Mental Models of Leaders and Groups
        Examine the unhealthy assumptions about leaders and groups that impact the quality of your service.
      • WAKE UP! Leading with an Open Heart
        Identify significant learnings you have gleaned from your soul's leadership classroom.


      All Institute courses, conducted by phone or video conferencing, integrate healing modalities and practices. Visit our Courses page for a full list and descriptions of the courses we offer.

      pyramid universaltributesA good place to begin with inner work is through our Universal Tributes Courses ~ ten four-week courses that can be taken independently of one another.

      Based on the 
      Universal Tributes, these courses support you as you learn to monitor your inner state and choose outer actions that serve the wellbeing of yourself and others.

      The Institute for the Advancement of Service does not provide medical or mental health care.  As such, practices, courses, and study programs are not intended to be psychotherapy, medical therapy, or a substitute for either one.  Participants are required to assume self-responsibility for their wellbeing by seeking, when appropriate, psychological and medical professional care.

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