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Welcome to the Group Life Portal ~
a curated selection of our teachings, practices, and courses related to the life of groups and organizations.

Because the psychospiritual path of The Clarion Way is holographic ~ each part reflecting the whole ~  ALL teachings,  practices, courses, and other materials offered by the Institute can also be applied to 
your relationship to the groups and organizations in your life.



  • The Clarion Call: Leadership and Group Life in the Aquarian Era
    The third book in Susan Trout's Soul and Service Trilogy offers both an urgent message for our times and an invitation to engage in our lives in a wholly new way, showing leaders and groups how to articulate and manifest a dynamic model of leadership and group life at this unprecedented time in our planet's history.  
The intent of group life has one purpose–to learn how to be in a group as an expression of higher consciousness rather than
as an expression of the individual personality.
  • S.O.S. ~ Pray for Planet Earth
    How can we handle the uncertainty of our times? We can keep the sacred alive with a commitment to pray for our planet daily.  
  • If We Build It...
    When a group of any size agrees to be guided by its connection with one another and all others, its members cease considering themselves as individuals separate from humanity.
  • Taking the Hand of Tomorrow
    Because our organization is a microcosm of the macrocosm, what is true for the world at large is true for our group or organization. 
  • Soul Lessons of Groups
    When groups decide to engage wholeheartedly in the evolutionary process, they enroll in the unique curriculum of the soul classroom of group life.
  • Holographic Organizations: An Introduction

    Within the holographic model, what is true for the individual member is reflected in the organization. Each presents the whole picture from a different point of view.  


Just as individuals have a Soul, groups have Group Souls to guide, teach, and protect them, whether the group is a family, an organization, or a nation.

  • How to Pray for a Group
    This prayer extends Light to the group members with purity and integrity, inviting the Light to support and guide the group’s highest possible evolution at this time in the group’s existence. 


  • Bringing Civility to the Workplace
    Would you like to learn simple yet powerful tools of civility that you can easily share with your coworkers? Learn to apply eight essential communication skills proven to create a workplace that fosters respect, consideration, acceptance, curiosity, and healthy boundaries
Groups evolve in a natural progression from little or no conscious awareness of their shared divinity to abiding in the Divine as a unified instrument of Divine Will. 
  • Civility and Healing the Gossip Habit
    Do you find yourself slipping into less than honorable conversations at work or with friends? Become aware of early warning signs of gossip and cultivate kindness toward yourself and others in your personal and work life.
  • Entering the 5th Dimension: A Clarion Call for a New World
    Study ten transformational shifts occurring in today’s changing world that explain the problems of – and offer solutions for – our current state as individuals and as a species.
    angel grouplife

    The ancient clarion call of life—
    of the Divine to the human,
    of the Self to the self,
    and of the Soul to the personality—
    will yet be the last trumpet
    that the world will ever hear.

    ~ from The Clarion Call ~

      The Institute views its services as adjuncts to traditional medical and mental health care. As such, Institute courses are not intended to be psychotherapy, medical therapy, or a substitute for either one. Participants and volunteers are required to assume self-responsibility for their wellbeing by seeking, when appropriate, psychological, and medical professional services. As partners in the program in which they are enrolled, participants are asked to set intentions, do assignments, respect Institute communication guidelines, and in all ways participate with self-responsibility for their wellbeing.

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